Let us introduce ourselves

About Journey On Racing

Here at JOURNEY ON RUNNING, we support a lifestyle that exemplifies the, "Why the #@&% Not?" kind of attitude. Life is too short to hold back from what we truly desire. We believe that people should find what they love and share it with others.

At the end of the day, we are just about you. That's right, you. What is it that drives you? What are you passionate about? We are passionate about getting out in nature and finding what we are physically, emotionally, and mentally capable of achieving and we do that through running. We want to encourage everyone to find their inner, "Why the #@&% not?" attitude and drive it home.

JOURNEY ON RUNNING also focuses on the importance of mental health. We believe in putting an end to the stigma that often accompanies those of us that may struggle with mental health issues and partner with organizations that can help.

We also have a strong desire to maintain ethical practices while exploring the many great trail systems of the great North. We believe in giving back to the trails and keeping them operational and safe for many to enjoy. Journey on my friends.